Monday, 22 September 2014

Monday Mornings with Mitchy

Alex Galchenyuck’s diversity is his detriment. 

Fans always seem too overeager, overzealous and anxious when it comes to stars in the making. Some think that the only route to a Stanley Cup is with size down the middle.  Habs fans look at the diminutive David Desharnais and the unflashy Tomas Plekanec and jump to the conclusion that the only way to win is with Galchenyuck as C1 and Lars Eller as C2, pronto.

The only problem is…. It’s too much too soon and makes little sense from a depth chart perspective.

Desharnais is by FAR the best passer that the Canadiens have; it’s not even a close contest. And Plekanec is by FAR the best two-way centre that the Canadiens have.

To move one or both to have an inexperienced player playing at centre with just because he’s big, is short-sighted (no pun intended)

The other option, moving one of the three centres ahead of Galchenyuck also doesn’t jive. His ability to come off the wall and shoot, among other obviously reasons, makes him the best option at wing. Galchenyuck’s is developing a comfort in that spot, playing with more freedom and with less responsibility. He was used primary as a winger during his time at the World Junior Championships and often during his time in Sarnia.

Galchenyuck’s time to play centre will come. And maybe only when he’s there will the Canadiens be a Stanley Cup contender. But right now, neither is a reality. 

I get the excitement level people have for this player and the perceived need that the Canadiens have at centre. 

Opportunities arise and things change quickly. Be patient, his time will come. It just isn’t now.

Didn’t everyone love the Galcheckuck-Eller-Gallagher line anyways?!

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