Monday, 15 September 2014

Monday Mornings with Mitchy

Talk radio gold.

The Montreal Canadiens made the most obvious and best decision regarding the captaincy for the upcoming season. Four assistants: Andrei Markov, Tomas Plekanec, Max Pacioretty and PK Subban. 

All four would make good but not great captains. And each one has a large question mark looming over their head. 

On the surface, it sure looks like the captaincy isn't something Markov would embrace. Perhaps a great leader in the room, the dealings with the media on a daily basis would be something that Markov would loathe. 

Plekanec is one of coach Michel Therrien's favorite. Quiet, respected in the room and has worn the "C" for his country. But with the logjam the team currently has at the centre position... how long will he remain in Montreal? 

Pacioretty has said all the right things regarding the captaincy. But we've also seen him fall into deep slumps and get distracted by scrutiny. One day, Pacioretty could be a great captain however there's still a ton of room for maturity. 

Subban candidacy is the most interesting. He's the most popular Habs' player in recent memory. His contract dictates that he's the most important player on the roster. The maturity and poise he showed during the playoffs last year was remarkable (and probably lead to his nomination as an assistant.) And I can't think of a player that would embrace everything that is being the captain of this team, more than Subban. But he's not ready. How would the room react to Subban as the captain at this point in time, with the big money deal. And imagine one of those Therrien/Subban battles from a year ago, if Subban was wearing the "C." The Canadiens like to "play it safe," at all times, and naming Subban the captain would be the exact opposite. 

It was a nice gesture for the Habs to give the assistant tag to those four players... They'll all be assisting the captain of the team, Carey Price this season. 

Today, is a great day. The players have arrived, pre season is around the corner and it feels like hockey is back. Monday morning's with Mitchy is officially back as well. Enjoy! 

Slick Awards: 

Leadership Award: Carey Price
Stupid Rule Award: No spin-o-rama
Gong Show Award: the NFL
Jealous Ex Boyfriend Award: Tim Leiweke 
Too tired award: The Alouettes defense 

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