Monday, 5 May 2014

Monday Morning with Mitchy

Mission accomplished?

Sure, before the series began the Canadiens would have been content with a split in Boston and the series coming back to Montreal. And they'll attempt to continue to spin that positive narrative.

But it could have been so much more.

The opportunity was there and the Habs didn't learn the valuable lesson from game one, that Boston is pretty, pretty, pretty good in the third period of hockey games.

If they didn't know it before, they know it now.

"Unless you play a full 60, you're not going to be able to do it," said PK Subban post game. "Is there positives, yeah we played better than last game but we didn't play a full 60."

There was one small lineup change made by coach Michel Therrien in game two. Michael Bournival came in for Travis Moen, and didn't provide much.

But the guy who's hampered out there right now is Brandon Prust. He's not right and he's hurting the team. I'm sure the decision to take him out of the lineup isn't an easy one to make. The guy is as hard nosed and as passionate as it gets. But great leaders sometimes have to make decisions that may not be popular. Until Prust can get the puck off the ice when taking a shot, he's got to watch from the press box.

After a real rough start to the post season, LA Kings goalie Jonathan Quick looks good. In fact, no goaltender looks like he's more locked in. The last time Quick's game was where it is now, is when they won the Stanley Cup. There's no reason to think they can't at least, get there again. But it would be some kind of showdown to see a rematch between the Hawks and Kings in the Conference finals.

The New York Rangers have what it takes to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins. But last night, the Penguins best players gave outstanding performances. Kristopher Letang looks like he's returned to top form, especially with the puck. And although Sidney Crosby didn't score, he was the best player on the ice.

The Rangers have home ice for the next pair of games. All they have to do is exploit the Penguins number one weakness. And we all know what that is...

The Raptors were a good story. The team that nobody thought could... did. But they were in over their heads taking on a Brooklyn team that had way more experience.

In the offseason, Masai Ujiri has to acquire star power. They have some nice pieces but every contending team has three legit superstars. Rumblings of a player like Rajon Rondo had been put out their earlier this season, but I'm talking about a player even more impactful than that.

The Slick Awards

Slickest hands: Patrick Kane
Public Enemy: PK Subban
Needs to give more: Max Pacioretty
Must watch: Jose Abreu

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