Monday, 28 April 2014

Monday Mornings with Mitchy

In a season that has been unpredictable, the predictable has happened.

They have been on a collision course all season and now the Bruins and Canadiens will meet in round two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The regular season meetings haven't produced the animosity that we've seen in years past but a playoff series will definite ignite the best in everyone. Both teams are relatively healthy, both teams are coming off easy first round series and both teams desperately want to get at each others throats.

The positives: 
- The Habs beat the Bruins 3/4 this season, including twice in Boston.
- Montreal is getting balanced scoring from all four lines, every forward who dressed in the first round scored with the exceptions of Brandon Prust and Micheal Bournival.
- The Canadiens best players weren't their best in round one. Expect more from: Carey Price, PK Subban, Max Pacioretty and Thomas Vanek
- Tuukka Rask is mentally soft when it comes to playing against Montreal.

The concerns: 
- Boston has the physical edge.
- Bruins have home ice advantage
- Bruins have the better PP(3rd)
- If the game was played on paper, Boston is the better team.

Anyways, here's to just being excited that the circus is coming to town. And even with the other great match-ups that the second round will have to offer and the tremendous hockey that we've seen so far this playoff, it will be Boston against Montreal that will draw the most attention from hockey fans everywhere.

Upsets are never easy to pick. And I was wrong.

I thought the Ducks would be in tough against the Stars. And surprising to some, Dallas actually pushed the series to six games. But you have to impressed with the way Anaheim was able to overcome a two-goal third period deficit on the road in game six.

Maybe, they truly did learn a lesson in their loss a year ago to the Red Wings.

That said, I don't know what Bruce Boudreau is going to do with his goaltending. No confidence in Jonas Hiller and Frederik Anderson simply isn't good enough. Put in the kid, it's time for John Gibson to sink or swim.


It amazes me how so many ignorant people have the mental capacities to become wealthy.

Caught on tape making a slew of racist comments, Clippers owner Donald Sterling is an utter embarrassment to the NBA.

Saying things so ridiculous that one would think they were listening to a new Dave Chappelle satire sketch, these are the real life views of one of the powerful voices in the NBA.

Good luck signing free agents.


The Slick Awards:

American Idiot: Donald Sterling
Veins of Ice: Jonathan Toews
Deserving of more credit: Corey Crawford
Media Master: Darryl Sutter
Must watch: Nathan Mackinnon

1 comment:

  1. Cmon, stop trying to pretend that old racist jewish guy is something that is unheard of?
    What people say in the privacy of their own homes and in public are two different thing.
    That people push racial superiority of races is NOT something unheard of in various cultures. Keeping it pure/inhouse/amongst nous autres is somethign that many celebrate. As for his comments about black jews, is there not a problem with african migrant community in Jerusalem with firebombings and such? Does Danny Dannon really differ much from Sterling?.

    But the big problem with this whole Sterling saga was the people most responsible for letting Sterling hang around for so long are all going to get away scot free.
    How the NAACP hasnt been pilloried and simply shut down is beyond me.
    They thought so much of Sterling's money to their pockets that they were going to give him a SECOND LIFETIME award. TWO. He's basically done more than one lifetime of good it seems.
    The NAACP thought money was more important that principles and self respect, they really have no reason to exist.
    And of course, all the enablers like David Stern, NBA owners and whole coterie of rich SoCal billionaires for whom Sterling was one of the boys. The only distancing you see now is one of self preservation. They knew who Sterling was before and didnt run from him. Now they have to be more careful thats all.
    And finally, Sterling got a free ride from the press even though his past was checkered to say the least. As always, the mainstreams media will hold off until it cant anymore and once it dives in late, tthen it oversaturates it (anti-bush news was pratictaclly inexistant but in his last two years, it was a free for all).
    So to see the same self serving types now jump on the bandwagon is nauseating.
    The enablers got away with it.
    THEY are the ones who allows Sterling to continue having an important role in the league and city.
    Sterling is what he always was, he didnt 'become Sterling' because of what he said in a private moment.
    But like always, the important actors are allowed to be sub rosa.
    We saw it during the brutal ukrainian coup of an elected government, pretend that events just happen with nothing else important but the moment.