Monday, 17 March 2014

Monday Mornings with Mitchy

The excitement for Thomas Vanek has already dissipated. And it shouldn't have.

Patience people, patience.

We’re talking about a player who has been traded twice in one season, and will more than likely be in a fourth city, in two seasons this summer.

It’s going to take time for him to adjust.

The good news is it took him time to adjust to his surroundings with the New York Islanders as well.

Vanek scored just once in his first seven games with NYI. He went on to score 16 more with the Islanders before being traded to the Canadiens. He’ll turn things around, goal scorers don’t forget how to score and are all of the streaky nature. Once he pots one, they will come in bunches.


Coach Michel Therrien is playing with fire.

Everyone loves PK Subban. Continuing to deflect praise towards your superstar is just not smart business. Because when things go well, people are going to be hesitant to praise the coach. And when things go sour, people will pile on.

Again Saturday, when Subban made the unbelievable play to pass the puck to David Desharnais instead of throwing it into a bunch of traffic in front of the net, Coach Therrien wouldn’t praise the guy who carries this team on his back many nights.

“It was the right play I guess…. But I want to talk about Carey Price….” Said coach Therrien.

Are you kidding me?

You would think that a coach with as much experience as this one in Montreal, would have a little more foresight than he does.

He’ll learn, when it’s too late.

And finally, somebody has to get a little meaner in front of Carey Price.

The penalty kill is good, so take penalties when it’s called for.

For a goaltender that just came back from injury, Price was run into at least five times on Saturday against the Ottawa Senators and nobody did a damn thing.

There’s no fear of going to the front of the net against the Habs. It’s a free ride. But have you seen how the opposition reacts when say, Brendan Gallagher is crashing into their crease?

The Canadiens have some mean defenseman. Douglas Murray and Alexei Emelin could very well cause some havoc in front of the goal.

I’d throw Subban into the mix here, but if he takes a penalty after the whistle, we won’t see him on the ice for a while….

The Slick Awards

Rising to the occasion award:
Lars Eller, PK Subban, Brian Gionta, David Desharnais, Francis Bouillon

Old man rivers award:
Jarome Iginla

Unsung hero:
Brandon Prust

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